Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chris Bowser: Can I Sell Online Without Dealing With a Garage Full of Stuff?

Chris Bowser: One situation that prevents many people from trying to make money online, is how to sell their products without having to store the stuff in their house or garage. Most people that own homes, just don’t have the luxury of having space in their garage, especially if they already have two cars in it. Even just one car fills up the space.  Fill up a garage with one car, some tools, boxes, and a work bench (if the man of the house is a handyman and uses his garage to work at), and you end up with very limited space.

This lack of space could be a problem. However, if you know how to work the system you can make money online by selling products, yet not store anything at your house. This concept of selling products without storing the stuff in your house or garage, is known as drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a method of fulfilling orders by selling a product.

When the customer buys the product, you contact a manufacturer regarding the order. You pay the manufacturer to create the product and drop it off at the customer’s home.  You sell the product, collect the money, and have the company that made the product, deliver the product in your behalf. Take note, you don’t need to contact a manufacturer. You can actually contact a wholesale supplier that handles the products you want to sell.

Drop-shipping carries many benefits. You don’t need to have a ton of money to buy products to sell. Drop-shipping also provides convenience and efficiency, as fulfilling orders becomes easier for you. You don’t have to worry about shipping anything. Therefore, you save on shipping costs. Drop-shipping also provides you with the flexibility to sell goods anyplace around the world. You are not confined to one location.

So how do you go about finding drop-shippers? The best way is by going to They sell a guide of certified wholesalers. It is important to contact only certified wholesalers, because there are many scams going around, with people claiming to be wholesalers. They advertise as such, charge you a fee, take your money, and run. Certification means they verified the wholesaler as a legitimate company.

You can find wholesalers by using Google as well. The unfortunate problem with wholesalers is that they don’t care about SEO, so you won’t see them listed in search results, at least not on page one. They will be listed, but not till page 10 or 20. For this you just have to keep digging until you find a listing. You will also find that many wholesalers don’t keep up with their website, so it may be very outdated. This doesn’t mean you should shy away from the site. Just be aware that they don’t bother with such details. When you do search on Google, don’t just use the word “wholesaler.” You may also want to use such words as “distributor,” “reseller,” “bulk,” warehouse,” and “supplier.”

When you are searching for a wholesaler, you don’t want to confine yourself to just one wholesaler. You want to work with at least two or three. What if something happened to one wholesaler. This means you would be stuck if you didn’t have a backup. Make sure  consider these factors when you are looking for a wholesaler.

You can make money selling your stuff online without it being in your garage. All you have to do is find a wholesaler, or drop-shipper (as some people call them), and when an order comes in, forward the order to the company, and collect your fee, minus what you pay the drop-shipper.

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